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Song of the Soul

Shirat HaNefesh (Song of the Soul) is an eclectic Jewish congregation rooted in community, music, learning, and social justice. We welcome everyone from young families to vibrant elders, from interfaith and LBGTQ couples to singles of all ages. We value religious diversity, as our members range from Shabbat observant to secular. We seek through our practice, our prayer, our voices, and our questions to  foster joyous Jewish living and build a more just world.  Wherever you’re from, we welcome you to visit, shmooze, study, and daven (pray) with us and to find your areas of interest.

We believe that people express their Jewishness in a variety of ways—through prayer, music, learning, culture, and social justice. Each of these is a deep and rich practice that can transform your life and bring meaning and joy.

We welcome everyone who is on a Jewish path or interested in exploring Judaism, including born Jews, Jews by choice, non-Jews interested in Judaism, interfaith couples, LGBTQ, secular Jews, disaffected Jews, traditionally-minded Jews, believers, non-believers — everyone!

We believe that Jewish traditions are filled with beauty and value, that all movements in Judaism have a place in our world, and that we are called upon to develop practices and customs that build on the best of our traditions.

We respect your timeline, your degree of involvement, your priorities, and your background.

We believe that in uncertain times, we can gain enormously from coming together in an egalitarian community that practices kindness, respects a variety of opinions, asks of one another a certain level of commitment, and works together and with other communities to repair the world

We believe We believe in No-Guilt Judaism — a Judaism that brings joy, not despair; that makes moral demands but gives you the energy and commitment to meet them. We’re not here to tell you how often to pray, study, eat bagels, or give to tzedakah (okay, often!). We respect your timeline, your degree of involvement, your priorities, and your background. And we’re happy to meet you whenever you’re ready.

We are an intimate congregation, small enough that everyone knows everyone. We are an alternative to the “big box” shuls. If you are looking for connections and community, Shirat HaNefesh is the place to be.

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784