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Chesed and Bereavement

The Chesed and Bereavement Committee is responsible for organizing efforts by members to help and support each other, primarily in times of need.  Our goal is to link members when a need becomes apparent, doing deeds of lovingkindness within our own community, and fostering a spirit of mutual concern.  The Committee will help SHN members when a member or relative dies, offering practical advice on funeral options, preparation of the body, cemeteries, and setting up shiva.  The Committee also organizes at least one shiva minyan and provides setup and cleanup support.  If you are ill, in grief, or in need of support, please let the Chesed Committee lend a hand.


Tikkun Olam (Social Justice) 

The Tikkun Olam Committee coordinates social action projects to promote Jewish values and mitzvot (moral actions), including pursuing justice and peace, engaging in gemilut chasadim (acts of lovingkindness) in support of our surrounding community, and serving as stewards of the environment. See our webpage Act for past and current projects in each of these areas, including volunteering at A Wider Circle, a Ruach campaign to help members switch to renewable electrical energy in their homes, advocacy on housing and policing issues, and creating a living memorial of Forest Gardens.  Monthly meetings of the committee help keep members informed of local and national issues, and help focus the selection of oncoming projects.

Adult Education and Programming

This Committee plans adult learning programs during the year.  These include our Shabbat morning and After Kiddush programs, speakers, topics for year-long study, and more.



The Fundraising Committee is responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of fundraising plans for Shirat HaNefesh to help maintain our budget and to keep dues at a reasonable amount.


Security and Safety

The Security and Safety Committee focuses on security issues for in-person services, building improvements at the North Chevy Chase Christian Church where we meet, cybersecurity, educating the congregation on the current health situation, and planning for a safe reopening of our communal space in light of continuing COVID concerns.


Growing our membership is an important priority, as is integrating new members into the life of the community.  This committee is involved in outreach and recruitment of new members through social media efforts, open houses, and local community events that attract prospective members.  The committee also provides a point of contact for new members, assigning “buddies,” and generally welcoming them into the life of the congregation. 

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