“Fabrangen” is not only the name of a local havurah. It’s also the term for a Hasidic gathering at which a rebbe speaks to a rapt audience of Hasidim, interspersed with songs that lift them to spiritual heights. On Shabbat morning, October 12, join Rabbi Bob Saks and Rabbi Gilah in Shirat HaNefesh’s version of a farbrengen.  We’ll hear Hasidic stories, learn more about the role of the rebbe, sing wordless Hasidic melodies (niggunim), and participate in the dramatic reading of a classic kabbalistic legend — the tale of how Rabbi Yosef de la Reina succeeded at capturing Satan in order to force the coming of the Messianic Age.  Come reclaim your inner Hasid!  Services at 9:30, Tisch at 10:45.


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