Step into our Limmud classroom:

This is a place where you will hear laughter and singing because we feel that joy is a core part of good education. A class might begin with a song/blessing such as Modeh Ani, and then segue into a lesson learning Hebrew through songs, games, or dialogs. Once or twice during class students will migrate into the sanctuary to experience congregational prayer: hearing the Sh’ma recited or escorting the Torah as it is carried around the sanctuary.
Back in the classroom, students may have a snack preceded by a blessing. They might then read a Torah story about one of our Matriarchs or Patriarchs. Perhaps students will role-play a particular Biblical scene to explore an essential concept, such as kindness, hospitality or assisting those in need. Perhaps class will end with a classic Yiddish story (translated of course!), or tales of Jewish heroes and heroines.
Once class is over you’ll find your child in the sanctuary leading the Kiddush blessings and munching on something delicious. We will also have whole-family activities: picnics, museum visits, and group Shabbat dinners.

More formally, our curriculum is based on five pillars:

  1. Torah: studying our canonical texts – Tanach (Bible), Midrash
  2. Avodah: learning our liturgy
  3. Gemilut Hasadim/Tikkun/Mussar: being ethical, responsible, respectful
  4. Hebrew: learning our historic language
  5. Tarbut/Yiddishkeit: studying Jewish culture, our history, literature, and arts

Our teaching methods are based on these three principles:

      1. Learning by design; intentional outcomes
      2. Learning through fun activities; experiential learning
      3. All content has a Jewish learning outcome

Our outcomes address these two essential questions:

1. Why be Jewish?
  1. How can I live as a Jew?

Now, for the details:

Students meet on Shabbat mornings, 10:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.  Older students often coach the younger ones, under the supervision of our teachers.  We are blessed with two teachers who are experienced, creative, and utterly engaged with the students. Morah Lorit is our Limmud teacher. Gentle and full of encouragement, she is an expert in teaching Torah and Hebrew through dance, song, and games. Your children will love learning with her.   Moreh Steve (Stephen Berer) is our Education Coordinator and Bnei Mitzvah teacher. Your child will take wings under his tutelage. Visits to the school on Shabbat morning can be arranged by contacting Steve at To register your child in Limmud, please email or mail this registration form: