Who is wise?  The one who learns from everyone.  Pirkei Avot

At Shirat HaNefesh, learning is a life-long expression of spiritual engagement and the road to a more meaningful Jewish life. Some topics emerge from interest on the part of our members—our Wise Aging study group is one such example, now in its second year. Other learning happens because members want to share their knowledge — some of our After Kiddush study sessions arise that way.

Adult Learning

Adult learning activities and programs include:

  • Rabbi’s Table and After Kiddush Discussions
  • Book Discussions
  • Year-Long Learning

Limmud for Kids

This is a place where you will hear laughter and singing because we feel that joy is a core part of good education.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

See for yourself what a joyous Bnei Mitzvah classroom looks like. It wasn’t like that when you were a kid? Well, be surprised!